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Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd and Sotiris N. Psaltis Ltd, with excellent local and regional reputation as a reliable business partner are worthily considered to probably be the principal and most experienced automotive spare parts and equipment supplier in Cyprus. The Companies, representing many among the largest spare parts and equipment manufacturers in the world, expand the leading position they already hold in the market field, insisting on continuous upgrading technologies and the range of products and services they offer. Psaltis with a customer - centric approach, and continuous aim on progression of every aspect of the business, work methodically ensuring the success of their business cycle. The excellent and quick service, the provision of the greatest products in the market worldwide and the after sales support, are the features of a broader relationship of the companies with the clients. Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd and Sotiris N. Psaltis Ltd are importers and distributors of automotive spare parts and equipment for saloon cars and light commercial vehicles. With the consistently expanding business cycle concerning both foreign affiliations, and the need to meet customer service needs οn the island, the main intention of the company has always been to offer competitive pricing by using a mix of value for money in relation to supreme quality of products and services.
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Psaltis Group is now an authorized dealer of Garrett by Honeywell Turbo Technologies
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Psaltis Group of Companies is proud to be a member of Nexus Automotive international (NAI)
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