Leading supplier of auto parts for over 50 years in the market. The company keeps evolving by keeping up to date with modern applications and demands in the automotive parts market.


Our goal is to be up to date with modern demands, supplying and supporting the latest technology required by car manufacturers, quality parts in best value, premium lubricants and consumables, as well as technical seminars for the mechanics, to keep the level of quality at the highest possible level for the end consumer.

The company imports and supplies a vast range of automotive parts, lubricants, consumables and garage equipment.

Car Parts

Wide range of automotive car parts from the world’s largest suppliers and biggest brands in the automotive industry.


Full range of lubricants which meet manufacturers specifications for engine, transmission, steering, braking, and other applications.


Full range of garage equipment from the best industrial suppliers and  brands in the automotive industry.


Wide range of batteries for all type of vehicles.


Wide range of auto paint products for all type of vehicles.


Company Profile and History

Companies A.PSALTIS & SONS LTD and SOTERIS N. PSALTIS LTD are worthy considered as perhaps the largest and most experienced supplier of vehicle parts and equipment in Cyprus and also with operations abroad. Representing a vast list of suppliers, among those the largest car part and equipment manufacturers in the world, we are constantly broadening our horizons keeping our already leading position in the market on its toes, with new strategies and innovative and progressive ideas. The immediate and complete service ability, the supply of the best brands of the world market, the after-sale support and our competitive prices are characteristics of the what our companies names are associated with. Our main mission is to achieve constant and liable growth in the vehicle part and equipment industry, by placing the human resources, the technology and our strategical alliances in the leading role, so as to assure consistency in quality, service and value for our customers.

Proud for the course of PSALTIS companies, we consistently invest more and more into our collaborations between us and the best supplier companies in the world, as well as into the valued timeless relationship that has been achieved with our local customers. The companies long history starts in the end of 1960’s, when Mr. Andreas Psaltis opened up the first shop in Nicosia. By 1972, the small by then company that was founded in the capital of Cyprus, opens up another store in Famagusta, under the name Soteris Psaltis. The Turkish invasion in 1974 forces the company to close the shop in Famagusta. However, the vison of the Psaltis family and the need to regroup continues, founding the first shop in Limassol in 1976 under the ownership of Soteris Psaltis. The period between 1997 up until 2000 finds the operations of A.PSALTIS & SONS LTD to broaden rapidly. In 1999 the first shop in Strovolos opens – which is later transferred to Lakatamia Industrial Area. One year later the company continues by opening another two shops in Nisou and in Larnaca In 2014 a very important business partnership started with ENEOS Lubricants, which hold the first place in Lubricants in Japan. This partnership evolved with a huge success in Cyprus, safely placing its place on the market as one of the main suppliers of automotive lubricants in Cyprus. By 2017, two new main locations were formed to service the constantly growing lubricants market supply and garage equipment – One in Nicosia and one in Limassol – and by 2020 a new shop in Derynia has opened.

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