Psaltis continue to expand and develop, always respecting the rules and principles by which the Companies were shaped during the past decades.
The Psaltis vision is to achieve common benefits with their associates through stable and targeted planning.
The objective Psaltis have set for the near future is to accomplish completing all purchases through own representations or partnerships fromabroad.
Additionally, Psaltis wish to develop Business to Business (B2B) relationships via Internet with existing and future customers. The continuous upgrading of technologies and services
has always been on the top priority list of activities for Psaltis. Psaltis mission statement is to achieve sustained growth and profitability in the auto spare parts and equipment
industry by positioning human resources, technology and strategic alliances in such way as to reliably secure consistent quality, service and value for customers. The golden rule: «Quality, service &
value on auto parts» which is pursued by the executive members and human resources of Psaltis Companies is deeply rooted in the general philosophy of the Companies.
Psaltis will continue to offer and guarantee high quality products and excellent services at the most exuberant competitive prices.
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