Human Resources
Quality and innovation supported by a highly dedicated team of skilled personnel are the key aspects to meet the growing demands of our clients. That is why at Psaltis Group we constantly invest in human capital accumulation so that we can react quickly to keep pace with changing trends.
The Psaltis Group implements a complete HR program from employee recruitment, training and development, to employee assignment. We arrange employees to regularly participate in training courses to enhance their professional abilities. To cultivate employees’ professional skills and abilities, we have specially designed courses to offer diverse on-the-job training and we also arrange senior engineers to go abroad to gather the latest technical or managerial information and trend.
This highly experienced and committed team has earned an enviable reputation for delivering high quality services and has the expertise of handling large scale local, regional or international projects. It works closely with the clients and customers of the company in order to understand their needs in terms of productivity, cost and after-sale support. Effective teamwork requires relationships, respect and sharing. In this context we believe that the best solutions come from working together with colleagues and clients.






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