Technical Equipment
Modern vehicles require high level of technical skills for their maintenance or repair. Due to their advanced design it is highly important for the car repair stations to be equipped with the latest technical developments, professional service, digital systems and high – quality tools (e.g diagnostics, body repair technology etc).
Since 2008 the Psaltis Group has been operating a modern and fully equipped technical department designed to deliver high quality services to professionals from the car maintenance to repair sector. The “Psaltis Technical Equipment Departement" carries a comprehensive selection of tools, equipment and the latest diagnostic solutions available in the industry. From hand tools to lifts to the latest diagnostic equipment the “Psaltis Technical Equipment Departement” can provide you with the right selection to fit your needs.
Our technical team of highly skilled experts are capable to meet even the most demanding needs (before and after sales). The approved Psaltis Technical Equipement Department provides our customers with the widest range of services and products.We continuously update our product store to improve our services.








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