16 March 2015
Psaltis Group of Companies is proud to be a member of Nexus Automotive international (NAI)
Nexus Automotive International N! is an innovative, value-focused international group of parts distribution companies who are leaders in the automotive aftermarket. Launched in January 2014 with an EU footprint and headquarters in Geneva, its founding partners are 11 shareholder members who are leading independent car parts distributors in multiple markets.
N! has expanded rapidly, growing from 10 members to over 30 members by the end of 2014. Its aim is to have more than 50 members by the end of 2015, with no specific restrictions of channels and territories and with a strong focus on the development of emerging markets such as Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The current group turnover is in excess of 3 B€ and is targeted to reach over 5 B€ by the end of 2015.
N! has established selective partnerships with the most important OE manufacturers.
N! is a supply consolidator and a service provider, also offering innovative garage concepts for the Passenger Car and Truck markets.
N!’s  key differentiator is  bringing real added value to its members by actively working on a variety of group projects, in close relation with group contracted suppliers managed by the N! Sourcing Committee.
N! values:
• Independence
• Fairness
• Transparency
for more information visit      NEXUS AUTOMOTIVE  
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